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Sometimes there are times when i have no one to talk to, so i guess i will re-activate this blog, to post some of rantings or doings.

oh wells… its time that i make some decisions in life.

Posted by: glennyong | November 11, 2007

Accepting Interns / Apprentices (finally)

Yes !! 
 Many have heard about my expansion which will happen in 2008, and while assignments pile up, and more and more opportunities arrive; i have decided to take in 1 or 2 apprentices to train under my guidance.they must however fulfill the requiresments as per listed below. 

Postion: Apprentice / Intern

Job Scope: Apprentices will follow me as a 2nd or 3rd photographer which he/she will be covering weddings of a seperate angle, and are required to learn by looking or by experiencing faults along the way. He/she if proven his /her capability, will be accepted into the Company and take on paid assignments in the future.

As an apprentice, he/she will not only be involved in the shooting process of the wedding, but also involved in the printing of photos which will be conducted during the wedding. These are some of the basics which are required

a) Basic knowledge or Photoshop CS2/3

b) Basic knowledge of Photography and Flash Techniques

c ) Pleasant Personality + Character

d) Owns his/her own camera and equipment

e) Able to work in early morning such as 3am

 If you fulfil the above named requirements, please email me your name, contact number, email, and a link of your portfolio. Failure to provide these information will render your application void.

Email address :